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Mrs. Leah Shore Brodeur owns and operates The Pressure's Off custom bake shop.  Not only are the cakes, cupcakes and pastries a marvel to behold...they taste AWESOME.  The cake in the photo is the one Leah personally gave Chase (namesake of this foundation) as a 4th Birthday present.

 The company graciously donated low sugar frosting cupcakes as well for our first foundation event.  On 12/12/13 we had a meet and greet at The Manton Center of Boston Children's Hospital to learn more about Niemann Pick Type C from the esteemed Dr. Marc Patterson of Mayo Clinic, a leader in the NPC field.  Because NPC families and their children were going to be in attendance we had to be cognizant of the affects of sugar and a drug called Miglastat most of them take.  Leah nailed it!

Without the support of family, friends and community we could not wage war with the disease assaulting our children.  We are forever greatful for each and every one of you. We thank you for asking about our loved ones and we smile inside when you ask us about their illness, becuase we know you care.  Thank you for spreading awareness and sharing our burden.



Special thanks to businesses and organizations that have helped us in various ways to fundraise for a cure.

The Paternal Great-Grandfather of our Namesake Chase, Mr. Charles Turner, has aided in awareness and fundraising via the Knights of Columbus, Lincoln Chapter.  The fraternal organization formed in 1882 is still true to its founding principles of charity, unity and fraternity.  These kindhearted Knights aid the Niemann Pick Children in battle, for that and their devout support we are forever greatful.

Jennie Raises a lot too! Ms. Amias, blogger and runner, attends synagogue with a young lady living with Niemann Pick Type C.  She ran a half marathon in May 2014

to raise research dollars.  Thank you to her and her many supporters:

D. Kaflowitz- NJ*M. Silverman-NJ*F. D Van OS- NJ*D.Amias-Hong Kong*K.Kwilecki- New York*Sarah Kaplan- NJ*Nikki & Jimmy Poulos- NJ*

Douglas Robinson-NJ*Jani Vinick -NJ*Fern Jaffe- FL*Alan Reich- London*

David Brancaccio- NJ*Jon Kepler-PA*Diane Bakst-NJ*Pamela Schachter-NJ*

Michael Nelson-NJ*Matthew Glass-NJ*Aran Lunzer-CA*Andrew GRieve-NY*

Marjorie Ticknor-NJ*David Stowers-NJ*david kwilecki-fl*wire lion-nj*

nancy yacker-nj*casey dunn-nj*tognola freelance-nj*lynne whitman-nj*

pamela erans-nj*nancy fioravanti-nj*madeleine gladstone-fl*

lauren blair-nj*amanda eigan-nj*martha spanninger-ny*anne foster-ny*

David Amias-London*Yonatan Amias-london*linda kalodner-nj*

celina herrero-nj*susan frankel-NJ*Marietta zacker-nj*

susan montamed-nj*Margaret stokly-NY*Cecilia cancellaro-nj*

Ariela venezia-nj*Brenda breslauer-ny*ariela venezia-nj*caitlin killian-nj*

dina Runcie-nj*Eve Peterson-NJ*Hannah Vanderlan-NY*Alex Gibney-NJ*

Sarah Dowland-NY*Kim Collins-NJ*



Special THANK YOU  to Brian & Kristin Williams of Massachusetts for their continued support of our battle to save this generation of Niemann Pick Patients.  Your generosity and love for the kids means the world to all of us.

A wonderful corporation with a Huge Heart.  Thank you Amica Insurance for your support.

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