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We are a Non Profit Charity dedicated to Getting Treatments for Niemann Pick Type C out of the lab and into the patients, in time to save this generation of NPC kids. We will do this in part by educating parents and informing them of additional options they may not have considered. We have no political affiliation, are non denominational and are honored you are interested in supporting our cause.






If it doesn't cause you to shudder just to visit them, the logo above links you to the IRS website where you can read about the expectations of a 501c3 non profit and how donating to a 501c3 will likely give you tax benefits.  We would be very happy to mail you a letter for any donation you can make!

Chase the Cure

501c3 N O N  P R O F I T
EST. 9/21/11



Ex.Director- S.Reedy

Directors at Large - D.Honsinger

                     J. Honsinger

                     D. Kaflowitz

                     G. Koujaian

       Secretary-   D. Spooner

Controller-  J. Kenyon



Our board members are all family and friends of children with Niemann Pick Type C.  We have no paid members and all generously give of their time to help their own children and other families with NPC.  Above are the NPC children of CTCs board.   

L-R;   Chase & Hayley, age 17;  J.P, age 13;  Rachel, age 32 ;   Chase, 7.

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