Hydroxy Propyl Beta Cyclodextrin or Cyclo


Medical Grade Cyclodextrin is an 8 ring sugar molecule.  It is sometimes used as a placebo in drug trials and can be used to deliver other drugs as a base.  This is also an agricultural product and has a multitude of uses.

  Its the active ingredient in Proctor and Gamble's Febreze!

Presently it holds the greatest hope to delay the progression of NPC by slowing the damage caused by cellular accumulation.  The underlying mechanism is not fully understood yet.  What is suspected is that the extra cholestrol and lipids accumulating in the body's cells binds with the cylodextrin molecules and are then excreted as a waste product. This drug is presently in Phase 1 clinical trials but can be accessed outside the trials via a Compassionate Use application with the FDA. 



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