Niemann Pick Type C

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Thank you for visiting Chase the Cure to learn more about Niemann Pick Type C 


This is Chase Owen DiGiovanni, the little guy who made Chase the Cure necessary. 

He retired from his fight with NPC on December 1st, 2016.  We continue to battle in honor and awe of the strength he displayed. 

Chase the Cure remains committed to funding research, so one day

Niemann Pick Type C is not a fatal disease. 

Due to Covid, times have been tough no matter who you are.  NPC patients have had to deal with suspended treatments due to travel and hospital restrictions and family members have had to take on the entire role of caregiver at home without the help of day programs and caregivers from outside the home. We need your help more than ever.

Please be as generous as you can. We need your help!


Our Charity is a non profit 501C3. To make a tax-deductible donation to support research and awareness please click the donate buttons on any page. 

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